WorkFlex Agent Suite was developed with the primary purpose of enabling contact center agents to achieve greater job satisfaction through scheduling self-empowerment.

The contact-center agent population today is largely made up of Millenials (Gen Y). These individuals consider a work-life balance essential to job satisfaction. WorkFlex Agent Suite is designed to address the needs of Gen Y employees while helping to ensure high levels of performance in the daily operations of contact center enterprises. Happier employees provide better customer service.

In addition to improving work conditions for agents, WorkFlex Agent Suite also reduces the workload and stress levels of contact center managers and supervisors and helps optimize contact center staffing levels.

WorkFlex Agent Suite:

  • Provides agents with self-service tools to manage their own schedule preferences and their preferred “contact-me” channels
  • Provides agents with the tools to change their own schedules and receive immediate confirmation of the change
  • Provides on-site and work-at-home agents with the ability to perform many self-service activities, minimizing delays and the need to interact with management
  • Is mobile-enabled with an app for iPhone or Android, so they can adjust their preferences and schedules anytime, anywhere
  • Uses continual intraday reforecasting technology together with management-defined business rules to ensure each agent-initiated schedule change actually helps optimize staffing levels.
  • Minimizes the need for manager involvement in approving intraday staffing changes
  • Reduces the number of intraday staffing variances that need to be addressed by workforce administrators
  • Together with WorkFlex Manager Suite, WorkFlex Agent Suite contributes to achievement of optimal conditions for all contact center employees and the resulting increase in customer satisfaction: