Thought Leadership for the Next Phase of Workforce Optimization

WorkFlex is at the forefront of intraday workforce optimization and automation starting with inventing the first intraday management solution that picks up where forecasting leaves off. We believe in helping organizations respond to the challenges of staffing in the face of unpredictable call arrival patterns.


  • WorkFlex Products Overview
    By applying real-time supply chain methodologies WorkFlex extends the intraday footprint of WFM products by automating key manual intraday processes, enabling organizations to reduce their dependency on forecast accuracy, streamline intraday management, improve call center performance and enhance employee satisfaction for agents, supervisors and RTA’s.
  • WorkFlex Manager
    WorkFlex Manager enhances existing enterprise Workforce Management (WFM) systems. By automating the intraday management process, WorkFlex delivers near-real-time matching of agent supply with demand in the contact center.
  • WorkFlex Alert
    WorkFlexAgent Alert System provides contact centers with a powerful tool to manage agent adherence in near real-time with timely notifications to agents, supervisors and contact center administrators.
  • WorkFlex Scheduler
    WorkFlex Scheduler considers agent availability and rules for assigning extra shifts set by administrators to determine staffing needs during expected demand-increase spike periods. It then notifies agents and administrators of the situation, and adjusts the schedule accordingly.


  • Delivering On The Promise Of Work-Life Balance For Home Agents
    Take advantage of the attractive labor pool inherent in Home Agents through intraday management.
  • Maximizing Home-based Agent Effectiveness Through Intraday Auto-Optimization
    Ensure companies maximize the benefits of home-based agent deployments.
  • Transforming BPO Vendors From Commodity To Value Providers
    How intraday workforce automation can drive superior performance for Call Center outsourcing vendors
  • Transforming Call Center Administration Though Proactive Performance Management
    Leverage the power of Automated Decisioning And Communications to drive superior intraday performance
  • Health Care Reform & Its Impact On Workforce Management
    Implications of a Transformational Shift to a part-time workforce
  • Transforming Workforce Administration Through Intraday Staffing Automation
    Five ways to optimize workforce administration effectiveness through intraday management
  • How Much Money Are BPOs Leaving On The Table?
    The case for increasing your intraday staffing flexibility with intraday management
  • What Is Missing From Workforce Management?
    The case for shift of management focus from “Forecast” to “Adapt”


  • CCNG Optimize Conference – 2012
    WorkFlex product overview kiosk
  • Contact Center Conference – 2011
    How workforce forecasting is like weather forecasting and what intraday workforce administrators can do about it.
  • CCNG Optimize Conference – 2012
    Delighting agents through intraday auto-optimization