WorkFlex Manager Suite is designed to facilitate intraday operations for Workforce Management (WFM) administrators and supervisors. A real-time decision engine analyzes data from contact center technologies, for example, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and WFM systems, makes recommendations and sends notifications to managers based on business rules defined via the user interface, automatically communicates information to agents and management as required, and automatically adjusts schedules in the WFM system as required.

WorkFlex Manager Suite:

  • Extends the functional footprint of existing WFM systems to automate and optimize manual intraday staffing and performance management processes
  • Allows managers to set up business rules to ensure optimized intraday performance
  • Automates staffing processes based on analysis of intraday staffing requirements
  • Automates performance management altering and reporting
  • Uses agent-provided preferences, business rules, agent performance data, and intraday reforecasting data to determine how to optimally adjust future staffing levels up or down
  • Sends actionable real-time alerts to upper management, real-time coordinators (RTC’S), supervisors, and operations
  • Provides a browser-based real-time dashboard for real-time coordinators (RTC’s) that enables them to easily act on recommended staffing changes and agent initiated schedule change requests
  • Provides a tablet-optimized dashboard for supervisors, so they can effectively monitor and manage their team performance from anywhere on the floor

For contact-center managers and supervisors, WorkFlex Manager Suite provides the tools to optimize intraday staffing in real-time and to report on the center’s performance. When implemented together with WorkFlex Agent Suite, it creates an intraday work environment in which managers and agents alike can enjoy reduced stress levels and increased job satisfaction. The ultimate result is increased customer satisfaction, a top priority for most enterprises today.